Charlee, your novel’s central dilemma is intriguing and rare. She’s a half-black millionaires intent on revenge for the sale of her grandmother into slavery to a brothel. He’s a white Daniel Boone-ish frontiersman guide she’s employed to take her to Absolution, the settlement guilty of selling her then, eleven-year-old grandmother to a life of degradation.

    The time and place are New Orleans, 1877. Their problem is both are afraid of falling in love.

      You had me turning pages, reading through lunch and putting off dinner.


                                          Bill Manville

                                          author of “Goodbye,” a BOM thriller

                                          and, “Cool, Hip & Sober.”


I met Charlee in May of 2011, when she sent me a copy of a critique she had written on one of my books. It just so happened the book she critiqued The Queen of Patpong was nominated for The Edgar for Mystery Novel of the Year.  She has a quality of writing that is persuasive and encourages others to read the books she praises. Charlee did a wonderful job publicizing my work. However, it is her time now, and I wish her all the best in her venture.

                                                Tim Hallinan         


                                                Poke Rafferty Series

                                                Junior Bender Series

Charlee Harris has a way of writing that keeps her audience captive.  She is able to make each character as real as if he/she were a best friend or enemy, whichever one Charlee wants you to believe.  Her use of regional dialogue makes each story one of great color of character, region, and personality.  A reader feels as if he/she were definitely part of that story, wanting to rout for their favorite, crush those who prey upon the unlucky and triumph with those who are able to come "out of the ashes" to make a success.  Charlee has lived much of what she writes, and she invites you to live it with her.   And you will live the story with her.  Her writings are just that believable and memorable. 


English Professor Luanne Longon/Retired

To whom it may concern:


Over the past several months I have had the privilege of reviewing much of Charlee Harris' work as a writer.  I must say when I started reading Anju, in particular, I could not shut my computer off.  

 I love Charlee's writing style.  She captures and holds her audience's attention from the first page.  I do not usually read westerns or love stories, but I loved this one. 

Anju can be found at Amazon. $14.95 cost. Both Books can be purchased in Kinda and Digital format. Autograph copies can be purchased from me at midsis@cableone.net 



 Both can be seen at www.amazon.com




2017 A New Year of Stories Coming out on 2/1/2017 North to Absolution-Misfire=and The Godless.

2017 is going to be an exciting for me as an Author. North to Absolution in 1877 New Orleans and a story which takes you on a trip from the South to Arizona, Mexico, Texas and finally comes to rest in The Appalachians. Absolution is a story of secrets, travel, a La. bayou, and love.  In print on 2/2017.

Misfire- summer of 2017-Bringes the Texas Rangers to your doorstep. A young woman with revenge on her mind masquerades as a Texas Rangers to bring her brother's murderer to justice. With help from her brother, a young Apache boy, and the love of her life pitch in to help her. 

The Godless-It is the fourteen century when Coronado landed in Mexico making the Hopi Indians slaves through the excuse the cruelty is needed to make them believe in God. Kenda, a young Hopi woman finds herself in the middle of the Spanish defeat contributing her own kind of torture on a culture that killed her parents and son. Her enemy is the Monsignor who abuses those who fight against his power.